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Democracy in Money

I'm running to grow money in your hands!


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As a local business owner for 23 years, I’ve noticed that there’s a problem with money that’s earned in our communities - it doesn’t stay here. Our 401K’s, our retirement accounts, our insurance, stock investments, even our tax money goes primarily to Wall Street and Washington.

Smaller communities like ours are bypassed for investment. Without local money to invest, our stores close and buildings sit empty; without a growing local economy, our kids and families leave home to find jobs where the money is.  If we choose to live and raise our family in the same town our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lived in and raised their families, should we be forced to move away because the local economy won’t support a good life for our families? I don’t think so.

There’s something very wrong with this.

The federal and state government take our hard-earned money too.  We then have to compete with other towns just to get our money back into our pockets.  Forcing small towns to grovel for funding via grants is one way the politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists hold power over us.

Even locally, retail franchises like fast food, dollar stores, and other non-local chains bring in profits earned from our efforts and then invest those profits elsewhere. 

Imagine how our local economies could grow if even HALF of those profits were invested back into our area!

Last year I read an article in Foreign Affairs magazine about big money.  The author said the money machine on Wall Street was serving itself rather than the people who actually own the money… you and me.  I think we all recognize that Washington and most politicians actually work for big money instead of the people they’re supposed to be representing. 

How can we change this?

We need new legislation to keep our money here, at home.  Here in our own towns, not 200 or 500 miles away in someone else’s town.

Writing down my thoughts recently, I shared the Democracy in Money concept with some brilliant people in the financial industry and they believe my concepts will work.  Democracy in Money establishes that all decisions to invest and grow the local economy will be made by the local investor-saver-owners of the money.  100% of the money will be reinvested in the local community and all the profits will stay locally too.

Despite what Washington and Wall St think, we have very smart folks here.  Let’s keep our homegrown brainpower here too!  We’re smart enough to create our own prosperity; we don’t need Wall St.  We want our fellow McMinn and Monroe County neighbors to stay local, create new businesses, hire local talent, build new homes and raise families… right here!

That’s how America became great, investing in the people next door to you and me!

We can - and should - make this happen again.

I’m convinced that we can grow our money locally!!!

I’ve never run for political office.  I don’t want a political career.  But I want to fix this problem of money leaving for greener pastures.  To be honest, I think I live in a greener pasture, one of the loveliest places in the US.  Every day I enjoy the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee from my front porch. I choose to live here, and I want my hard-earned money to stay here.  I bet a lot of you do too.  Together, we can do it!

To keep the money at home, I’m running for State Legislator, 23rd District to have access to the state government system. If you agree with my line of thinking, I would be honored to have your vote.  I will be on the ballot November 3rd but not the primary ballots since I’m not competing for a Democrat or Republican slot.

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