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7 Problems with Community Colleges – And What Can be Done ...

My "Top 3" Issues

I'm running first and foremost because I believe that the $ earned in our communities doesn't stay in our communities and I have a plan for that.  

Democracy in Money

We need to have more of our hard-earned money stay in the communities where it was made and where we live. The money that we earn locally doesn't stay locally, but instead goes to Washington, DC, New York and even China.  I want to draft legislation to keep our local income... local.


Broadband for Small Population Areas

Federal and State governments have made a push for every community in the nation to have access to broadband internet. However, the money that's released for rural areas most often goes to lower population or suburban areas just outside major cities instead of in the countryside where there it's truly needed.  Because of that, communications companies monopolize these areas, preventing any growth of bandwidth infrastructure. Much of District 23 falls into this category.  During this COVID-19 situation we're finding out that some students don't have access to internet to continue their studies from home. That's just wrong.  The way these funds are allocated by the government needs to change. 


Reduce Excessive State Taxes Against Small Businesses

Small businesses are the engine that drives the economy at every level.  When small businesses are hamstrung by excessive taxes, then growth, employment opportunities and incentives for innovation slow down.  Reducing state income taxes on small business is another part of my strategy for bringing and keeping money back to our local economies. 


What are your TOP 3 priorities for your community?  I want to know what matters to you!  Click on the TOP 3 SURVEY tab at the top of the page or on the link below to share your thoughts with me:





Watch the videos below to see Dave's views on the current issues facing our nation, state and local communities...




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